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If your chimney and fireplace have not been working properly, there can actually be a myriad of reasons. The best way to figure out what is wrong with your chimney is to have it inspected by professionals. Firesafe Chimney Sweeping and Repairs will come to your Los Angeles, CA and do a thorough inspection of all the components of your chimney and fireplace. They will find the problem no matter what.

In many cases, if your fireplace is not burning fuel efficiently, all you will need is a good chimney cleaning. Dirty and clogged chimneys are the number one reason why fireplaces do not ventilate properly. Luckily, Firesafe Chimney Sweeping and Repairs offers affordable and professional chimney sweeping services.

They have all the tools and equipment needed to get every inch of your chimney liner clean and free of fire hazards. Chimney cleaning is important because as you burn more and more fuel in your fireplace, something called creosote builds up on the lining of your chimney. Creosote is a byproduct of the smoke and soot that rises up through your chimney every time you burn something. If too much of this material builds up, it can become combustible, posing a major fire hazard. Proper chimney sweeping will get rid of creosote and make your fireplace burn more efficiently and safely.

Chimney sweeping is the best way to clean your chimney. If you have gone more than a year without professional chimney cleaning, the time is now. Even if you do not burn fuel in your fireplace very often, you never know how dirty your chimney may actually be.

Let the professionals at Firesafe Chimney Sweeping and Repairs inspect and clean your chimney today!

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